Ian Phillips

Ian Phillips

Ian Phillips is based in Aberystwyth, Mid Wales, and has been working in hand printed reduction Linocut for over twenty years. He specialises in consecutive series of prints taken from drawings done while walking long distance footpaths or exploring particular areas of interest. He is a member of the print collaboration, Pine Feroda, who are based in North Devon, and whose large woodcut prints can also be seen on this website.

His printing process today still starts with a walk and a sketchbook as it always has done. Following lonely trails over empty hills, down twisting forests tracks, or along cliff side paths looking for complete compositions full of pattern and texture. Catching the subtleties of weather and the natural drama of the landscape. These line black and white drawings are then taken back to the studio enlarged and traced onto a lino sheet.

This is when the process becomes all about pattern. The print may begin as a simple scribble in a sketchbook but as soon as the pattern is started on the lino, the process becomes about gouging and cutting marks. These marks then become a picture through creating pattern, texture and decoration. Once the cutting is done the work with ink, rollers and colour begins.

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Llyn Idwal

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Scree Slope



Giclee Reproduction



Brother Lamb


Welsh Black


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